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Key Documentation

CL Annual Report & Accounts 16-17CL Medical PolicyPDF FormatArticles of Association
PDF FormatMaster Funding Agreement for Connected Learning
PDF FormatSupplementary Funding Agreement for Cherry Tree Primary School
PDF FormatSupplementary Funding Agreement for Iceni Academy
PDF FormatSupplementary Funding Agreement for Powers Hall Academy
PDF FormatSupplementary Funding Agreement for Templars Academy

PDF FormatSupplementary Funding Agreement for Silver End

PDF FormatCL Scheme of Delegation August 2017

PDF FormatCL Annual Report & Accounts 16-17
PDF Format2015/16 Annual Report & Accounts
PDF Format2014/15 Annual Report & Accounts
PDF FormatCertificate of Incorporation
PDF FormatCL Governance Handbook November 2017
PDF Format
CL Trustees ToRs Nov 2017
PDF Format
CL ToRs for LGBs Nov 2017 and CL ToRs for JLGBs Nov 2017






PDF FormatCL Allegations against staff procedures January 2017
PDF Format
Apprentice Guidance
PDF FormatCL Capability Procedure June 2017
PDF FormatCode of Conduct
PDF FormatCL Complaints Procedures Nov 2017.docx
PDF FormatCL Consultancy Services Policy
PDF FormatCL Dress Code Policy July 2017
PDF FormatCL Cover_and_PPA_Policy
PDF FormatCL Discipline_&_Dismissal_Procedure 2016
PDF FormatCL Employment_of_Disabled_Persons_Policy_June_2017
PDF FormatCL Employment_of_Overseas_Workers_June 2017

PDF FormatCL Equality & Diversity in Employment June 2017
PDF FormatCL Gifts and Hospitality Policy
PDF FormatCL Grievance Policy Nov 2017.docx
PDF FormatCL Leave of Absence Policy
PDF FormatCL Pay Policy Oct 2017

PDF FormatCL Pre-Employment Checks Procedure May 2017
PDF FormatCL Performance Management Policy June 2017
PDF FormatCL Probation_Procedure Oct 2016
PDF FormatCL Recruitment Policy March 2017
PDF FormatCL Recruitment of ex-offenders November 2016
PDF FormatCL Redundancy & Restructuring Policy
PDF Format
CL Severance_Policy_January 2017
PDF FormatCL Whistleblowing Policy January 2017


PDF FormatCL Anti-Fraud & Corruption Policy 2016
PDF FormatCL Capital and Revenue Reserves Policy
PDF FormatCapitalisation & Depreciation Policy
PDF FormatCL Charging and Remissions Policy Sept 2017
PDF FormatCL Investment Management Policy Nov 2017
PDF FormatCL Procurement and Tendering Policy March 2016


Admission Policy – see individual academy sites
PDF FormatAttendance Policy
Child Protection Policy – see individual sites
PDF FormatCL Complaints Policy
PDF FormatCL Data Protection Policy
PDF Format CL eSafety Policy
PDF FormatFreedom of Information Publication Scheme
PDF FormatCL Health and safety policy January 2017

PDF FormatCL Lockdown Procedures

PDF FormatCL Medical Policy
PDF FormatCL Premises Management Policy January 2017
PDF FormatCL Winter Hazard – Gritting January 2017

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