Connected Learning

The Key to Success

Trust Mission, Vision & Aims

The Trust Mission: 

Children first in an active environment

Connected Learning Vision:

  • Developing active and independent learners;
  • Growth – development of pupils, staff and the Multi-Academy Trust;
  • Individual communities under one umbrella;
  • Connectedness -sharing of specialisms, the curriculum, real life links and cultural capital.

Connected Learning Aims:

  1. To provide a holistic curriculum that develops ALL pupils to be independent, active learners.
  2. To ensure all pupils acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and concepts to support the next stage of their education.
  3. To ensure disadvantaged and pupils with SEN do not have a reduced curriculum; barriers to accessing a full curriculum are removed.
  4. To ensure each school is a unique community, growing and improving, with its own vision and ethos.
  5. To ensure all schools are connected through common threads such as teaching and learning and operational policies and procedures.

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